W 1800 r.                           in 1800

                                                  (czytamy: in eighteen hundred)


      W 1968 r.                           in 1968

                                                  (czytamy: in nineteen sixty eight)


      W 2001 r.                           in 2001

                                                   (mówimy: in two thousand and one)


      W latach 80.                       in the eighties albo in the 1980s

                                                    (czytamy: in the nineteen-eighties)


      W połowie lat 50.               in the mid-fifties albo in the mid-1950s


      W XIX w.                              in the nineteenth century albo in the 19th century albo in the 19th c.


      Na początku XIX w.            in the early 19th century


      Pod koniec XIX w.              in the late 19th century


      Na przełomie XIX w.          at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries

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